PECANS workshop 2012 Bodies of Law/Law and the Body

Updated on 20th February 2012
Friday 30th March 2012


Bodies of Law / Law and the Body
An interdisciplinary conference for postgraduate and early-career academics in the area of law, gender and sexuality
PECANS Bodies of law law of the body 
Friday 30 March 2012
School of Law, University of Westminster, London, UK
Law mediates various power structures and is interwoven with numerous other knowledges that participate in the construction, normalization and regulation of bodies, such as medicine, social media, religion and the nation-state. Numerous feminist legal scholars have commented on law’s intimate relationship to, for example, medical discourses, arguing that the shape of legal power has changed to more regulatory and disciplinary forms. Inevitably law’s relationship to bodies/states of embodiment alters as it takes on these increasingly pervasive roles. One might conclude that the notion of a space where the law will not intervene is a liberal fantasy, out of step with the reality of law’s operations. How, then, should law be evaluated and/or harnessed?
Our interdisciplinary one-day workshop aims to cover these and other issues pertaining to law and the body.
Event Details
Venue: Room CLG.09, New Cavendish Site, 115 New Cavendish St, University of Westminster
Registration and Fees
Conference fees - £15
Includes lunch and refreshments
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Registration closes 20/03/12.  Places are limited.
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