CentreLGS PECANS has awarded 14 fellowships to early career scholars (postgraduate research students and academics up to 5 years post-PhD) working in the areas of law, gender and sexuality during the UK academic years of 2009/10 and 2010/11. Under the scheme, which is now closed, fellows have visited the CentreLGS at either Keele University or the University of Kent, delivered work-in-progress seminars to Centre’s members and actively engaged in the host institutions’ postgraduate community. Below is a list of fellows who have already visited and are about to visit the CentreLGS at Keele and Kent.



Barbara Spadaro (Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane, Italy) visited Kent from 22 March to 2 April 2010. Her research focused on gender, class and race as identities constructed and intertwined in the relationship between Italy and its colonies.
Elaine Craig (Dalhousie University, Canada) visited Kent from 26 April to 30 April 2010. Her research examined how courts, across legal contexts, conceptualize sexuality, particularly in areas of public law including sexual assault law, similar fact evidence cases, equality for sexual minorities, issues of sexual harassment and sexual liberty and sexual expression claims. Her profile is available at

Mark Thomas had planned to visit Kent in April 2010, but his visit was cancelled due to flight disruption caused by the Icelandic volcanic eruption.


Umni Khan (Carleton's Law department) and Lara Karaian (Carleton's Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice) visited Keele from 23 April to & May 2010 under a joint Fellowship application. Dr Khan’s research explored how clients of sex workers - "Johns" - as constructed and regulated in law and culture (see, while Dr. Karaian examined youth sexual expression as captured in the practice of "sexting" and regulated by child pornography laws (see



Stu Marvel (Law, Osgoode, Canada) will be visiting KentCLGS between 24/01/2011 and 04/02/2011. Stu’s research is on reproductive rights, queer families and postcolonial geographies of commerce and intimacy. Stu’s profile is available at  

Suzanne Lenon (Women’s Studies, University of Lethbridge, Canada) will be visiting KentCLGS between 14/02/2011 and 25/02/2011. Suzanne’s project focuses on the civilisational discourses underlying parliamentary debates over civil partnership law and forced marriage in the UK. Suzanne’s profile is available at

Marcia Oliver (Sociology, York University, Canada) will be visiting KentCLGS between 14/02/2011 and 25/02/2011).  Her work interrogates the ways development policies and practices rely on, produce, and seek to transform normative sexual and gender relations and subjectivities in the global South. More specifically, she will be interrogating the intersections of moral conservatism and neoliberalism in international development policies and their materialization in local-level HIV/AIDS prevention and poverty reduction efforts in Uganda.

Ponni Arasu (History, Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore, India - joint PECANS/KCLGS visitor) will be visiting Kent between 7/03/2011 and 18/03/2011. Her work explores the links between the position of Dalit women within movements that struggled for caste based reservations policy in Tamilnadu and the position of queer women within the struggle for the reading down of Section 377.

Dara Purvis (Law, University of Illinois) will be visiting KentCLGS between 14/03/2011 and 25/03/2011. Her project looks at the way in which gender intersects with the administrative state. In particular, she will focus on the structurally gendered analysis underlying the doctrine developed by the American Social Security Administration (“SSA”) to deal with claims made by women suffering from fibromyalgia. Dara’s profile is available at
Ivana Radacic (Ivo Pilar Institute of Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia)
will be visiting KentCLGS between 14/03/2011 to 25/03/2011 . Building on feminist theories of sexuality, equality and human rights, she will explore how the Croatian judiciary conceptualises female sexuality, equality and women’s human rights. In particular she will be looking at the way in which the construction of female sexuality in the context of rape trials influences the understanding and practical implementation.


Michele Di Bari (School of International Studies, Trento, Italy) will be visiting Keele in November 2010. His research interrogates the different models of recognition that are at play in the visible ‘trend’ toward legal recognition of same-sex couples in European member states.

Yoriko Otomo (Institute for International Law and the Humanities) will be visiting Keele in April 2011. Yoriko’s research develops a semiology of law through a poststructural feminist analysis of key texts within the law of occupation and international economic law.

Rukmini Sen (The WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, India) will be visiting Keele in March 2011 and presenting her work on the comparisons between the movement-law discourses on non-heteronormative sexual partnerships in India and UK. Rukmini’s profile is available at