Aftermath of Pride 2010 photo by David OsnayaWant to make sure you find out about events before they happen?Want to stay in touch? Want to get involved? Then join the PECANS email list!

Membership of the list is open to anyone with an interest in PECANS activities - so postgraduate research students, early career academics, and established scholars with an interest in law, gender and sexuality (broadly defined) are very welcome to join.

The PECANS email list is hosted by Keele University. To sign up to the list visit the list information pages at:


The aim of PECANS is to assist postgraduate students and early career scholars in making links with others interested in similar areas - irrespective of their disciplinary and national boundaries. Current membership of the list includes scholars from law, sociology, psychology, anthropology, criminology and many other disciplines.

The list is a 'closed' list, so that only subscribers can post to the list. There are various reasons for this, most importantly to avoid spam being posted to the list. There are currently around 100 subscribers, from all over the world. So go on, sign up and keep up to date with PECANS events, activities and other things of interest!